SA.VE. owned by Dario Granata


In 1997 SA.VE. began sandblasting and industrial paintwork operations, performing such work at client worksites, developing specific experience also in related and complementary areas. The mere provision of labour thus evolved into a full industrial activity specialized in the sanding of metallic and non-metallic objects, such as, but not limited to, metal towers, antennas, equipment and port facilities, boats, large metallic carpentry structures, pipes, facades of properties of particular historical and architectural significance, structures for industry, the craft industry and agriculture, as well as special processing work at mining, cement and power plants.


SA.VE. owned by Dario Granata - AziendaSA.VE. by Dario Granata - AziendaSA.VE. owned by Dario Granata - Company

Over time, SA.VE. also specialized in fire retardant treatment of wood and metal, both with paint applications of intumescent plaster. Moreover SA.VE. carried out works for both vertical and horizontal road signs, waterproofing works of medium and large structures, platform rental, the painting of buildings for civil works, buildings used to sell food products and hospitals. Since 2005, SA.VE. has been registered in the national register of companies which manage waste in the 10th category or the divestment, encapsulation and disposal of plates, tanks and artifacts typically containing compact matrix cement and asbestos. In 1997, SA.VE. was set up with a stable business structure located in the industrial area of ​​Casteltermini (AG) with an area of ​​3,000 square metres and large working zones of 14.000 sqm to handle and store products and materials to be treated. SA.VE. It is always looking for the most advanced technologies in the field of sandblasting and industrial painting to uphold high standards of professionalism and work quality.


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